44291 164033027094848 173399487 n 200x300 HomeDonovan Arborists, LLC is locally owned and operated here in Denver, Colorado.  We are dedicated to protecting your growing investments in an environmentally responsible manner.  We are passionate in our landscaping work and believe trees are a major reason Denver is such a great place to live and work.

We specialize in tree removal, pruning, planting, cabling and bracing plus the planting of shrubs. Our experts can also remove your old stumps, address insect and disease control, and help with transplanting and fertilization as well.

Donovan Arborists, LLC is certified in Colorado and committed to being a steward of the environment. While we do use traditional pesticides, our main focus is in cultural practices to reduce their use. We practice a more holistic approach by looking at the tree, its surroundings, soil, water, climate and light exposure. CALL US NOW AT: 303.623.8733

What our clients say

Early this Spring I contacted Paul Donovan to consult on my severly overgrown yard of very mature trees and shrubs. Our lot is huge with nearly 20 trees and countless of shrub: out of control Junipers but Paul promised me he could prune them to look natural and he did! Wonderful! Three Maples had dead branches hanging all over, etc.

Thought the would have to come down, but once again, he worked magic and they look terrific. Read More..